Searching for (any) good links to dependable sites, in which to order fun, functional / makable / wearable / hackable parts from (like adafruit), in order to begin creating my future. I am ‘Alternatively Abled’, and after recently discovering PCB’s, am seeking a fun / functional / makable / wearable / hackable outlet which is so necessary to those in my position (at Home with limited mobility). I have a desire and the ability to improve and grow. Having only just discovered the Arduino, Raspberry π, etc. at the end of 2012, & I see the possibilities of these new open source ‘Clovis Points’ and want to improve my life with the many technologies only recently made available to folks like me, the Public!

The new ‘*Freely’ accessible ‘light-bulbs’ are here… & I want to light up my Life!

Help me with good links to folks and places beyond Wired™®, CNET™®, or the other ‘common’ destinations. and thanks for the tip!




You can e-mail me at: