I recently had the second most vital paradigm shift in my life. I just finished a rather long youtube post about it in response to a movie clip for a documentary called Drone. I’d rather just post it here rather than rewrite the whole thing back-to-back because I don’t think anything needs to be changed for you anyway. As a matter of fact, I should’ve written it here, then linked to it maybe… I’m ok if you’re ok.

It’s blunt.

It came about from a charged experience on twitter today and as a result of the recent Paris attacks, then watching, listening, reading those I ‘followed’ the next day. There is an obvious issue I was either completely blind to, or discovered only after Paris that is dividing the left. If you are an Atheist, you may already know what I’m talking about.

Before you choose not to hear me out (we’re looked down on worse than pedo’s by some, because we’re supposed to be able to ‘steal souls’ as Atheists, which is much worse), at least finish the post to know what it is you dislike about it in full. I’m really trying to express my alteration here, but If we don’t have a meaningful dialogue about this, it’s over. We might as well quit if we aren’t going to face this one issue…

The first numbers 0:54 are a reference to a time in the video I’m responding to:

From: 11.27.15

At: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUeepNW3lzY

  • 0:54 ‘someone’ is asked: “How many of them do you think were innocent?”, not only does he not answer, but how the hell should a young trigger-man, on a need to know basis, working from inside a trailer, 1,000’s of miles from the battlefield, even be able to answer a leading question like that? And, how can former Drone Pilots come forward as ‘Sky-Terrorists’ one day (right after Paris), and after years of your derision and loathing of them for what they were doing and what you thought they stood for, become your new ‘Geopolitical Scholars’ the next? let’s get this out of the way right now, it’s neither racist to condemn any religion, or their atrocious practices, nor to acknowledge them. I would’ve shared and retweeted a link to this page less that 2 weeks ago, but not after knowing that all these attacks: https://tinyurl.com/p3vkbjc are solely based on Religion. One specific religion, Islam. We can’t be afraid to face it, or say so. The inability to condemn it, is to accept it. We have few choices, all of them bad. Here’s one: 1.We can hunt kids for sex slaves, warriors and fun. 2. We can accidentally kill some children,far fewer obviously, while hunting those who hunt children for any reason, who will only institutionalize it if they do conqure the globe: https://tinyurl.com/pdgmgja (10min) + https://vimeo.com/11352212 3. We do nothing and hope the still necessary dialogue continues and Just watch (and accept) as these bastards hunt the children of the world, on purpose, for the worst reasons ever! I didn’t wake up after 9/11/01, because I was ignorant of the religiously motivated political aspect of too many people seeking global Shariah, in their own words. Yes, I understand there are something like 1.5 Billion Muslims and that not all of them are serious enough about what the Quran also calls for, to have a ‘radical’ Jihad, instead of an ‘inner struggle’. And it is the moderate Muslims who must be the ones to insure a reformation from within their own faith (just like the Christians had after their Inquisitions of the past) in order to halt this fundamentally religious, modern, roving Inquisition, that is not drawn from an ‘irrational’ interpretation of the Quran, but a ‘literal’ one. If it’s even just 1% support for (notice the words here: ) violent, radical, Islamic Jihad attacks against you, from within the 1.5 Billion known Muslims, that’s still 15,000,000 people, but the % is higher than that, with supporters of Global Islamic Jihad in the tens of millions: https://tinyurl.com/hajevy9 It’s neither racist, nor irrational to listen & learn about what ‘radical’ & ‘violent’ Jihadis have been been telling us: https://tinyurl.com/otnhslb I’ll take his job in a fuckin’ second! We all need to take the time to look at pictures of victims of acid-bath and people made to kneel on dynamite and listen to their words . We also need to be willing to have an honest dialogue and do the required research into what they are telling us. Here, listen: https://tinyurl.com/olfwh75 I finally did. I was being arrested at demonstrations 30 years ago, and have been a liberal my whole life. But not standing against a real, worldwide, roving-inquisition would make me a hypocrite as an Atheist and a Human. To condemn us, is to approve of them. Failing to condemn them, is support for them. Yes, them. We have an enemy.  “

Right after I posted this I read the only other two comments their. The second one, other than mine, is what scares me. It says:

I have seen the enemy and the enemy is us“.

That is more frightening than Daesh (ISIS), because it means we think we are the enemy, which is just grease for the treads of radical Islam that knows you will defend it without looking into it. If you don’t agree, why not? Have you read the 109 calls for War in the Quran (some spell Koran)? Have you read:

I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore, strike off their heads! -Quran 8: 12

Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers for that they joined companions with Allah, for which he had sent no authority. -Quran 3:  151

Why must we keep repeating the phrase:”Islam is a religion of peace” again and again to ourselves each time this happens despite what you just read? Not all ‘Islamists’ are “of peace”, too many in fact. Why at this time, do we also clamour to disarm ourselves with tightening gun control? Something I wouldn’t normally ask prior to giving myself the chance, letting myself off the guilt trip that simply prevented me from doing that proper research, that once learned, should change a person’s mind.

I wrote a different post a day or two ago, that I only put here despite it’s similarity, in order to make points unmade so far and as a record of my own life-alteration. It’s from thee days ago:

-” My paradigm has shifted, and it’s long about time. This will be thick, because I was a dedicated liberal, of decades, less than two weeks ago, yet, Kafir (an unbeliever) / Atheist as well (which likely see me as even more of a threat than ISIS, by some). But, half of that equation changed on 11/13/15, when I was told by many of those I was ‘following’ and watching, that not only was it somehow racist to be critical of any religion, or its practices (what ~the Klan), but that we should accept all the blame ourselves, for creating a persistent and religious fanaticism that’s over a thousand years old. It was, I admit, exacerbated by the invasion and de-Baathification process and other costly mistakes, but, the tensions were already there between each other, before we even arrived and it’s near the time we left that Daesh made a choice, and ruthlessly swept across Iraq and elsewhere, with a stated goal of the world. Here’s a list just from so far in 2015: https://tinyurl.com/p3vkbjc Throwing acid in the faces of Christians, shooting young girls like Malala Yousafzai in the face, for the crime of wanting to go to school, or planning and carrying out religiously and politically motivated Jihad attacks to ‘convert-or-kill’, each is absolutely unacceptable. But put together they are the clear and present enemy. Other religions like Christianity have already gone through their required ‘reformation’, after the Inquisitions that lay in the past, that Islam requires before the world can even move forward. I hadn’t woken up on 9/11/01, because I hadn’t studied enough yet about the religions I should have known about. I had just recently finished learning about the Roman Inquisition (after some others), and had just watched Sam Harris in conversation with Maajid Nawaz: https://tinyurl.com/ns2j8jm within days, prior to 11/13/15. The next day I was hearing from those I was used to reading, watching, not only that somehow we were responsible for 1,400 y/o political goals, born out of a pretty nasty religion (from what I have read so far of the Quran and Hadith, while also still being so far behind I’m just now grasping the Sunni – Shi‘ah split enough to know there’s a lot of Sunni headed our way right now). I don’t know all the answers, just like you. But we have some choices of our own to make, it would seem. I also think it boils down to something like this as well: 1). We can choose to hunt Children, Kafir (apostates), Homosexuals, Women, young Boys and other innocent people. 2). We can accidentally kill some of these very same people, in far less numbers obviously, while hunting those who hunt Children, Kafir, Women, Gays, and other innocents ceaselessly 3). We can do nothing (or just attempts at dialogue, which are also required), and watch as the hunting of these people continues indefinitely. Even if the world were conquered for Islam, it’s only then that the institutionalized rape and abuse , like this: https://vimeo.com/11352212 would begin. I can’t stand that I’ve held off for so long on learning about what many unknowingly referr to as; “The religion of peace”, And, as an example, I highly recommend this piece by, Ayaan Hirsi Ali : https://tinyurl.com/qxlkxw3 Call her a racist or unread or inexperienced. I think she has the right to criticize Islam for some very valid reasons. It’s a keeper because it’s clear and honest. I’m glad I found your page. Thanks for the time. I’m @sparhopper too. Cheers Kafirs! ps Any edit made prior to any response. “-

I love learning. I love looking into things I care about because living an honest life is important to me. Living out loud, what I feel deep inside is important as well. I know not why. We all want to share what we learn, but loving what we learn is not required or desired. Science, Nature, Love, Peace, Music, all important to many of us Me included. That’s a good reason for feeling the way that I do now.

Thanks for your time, if you spent it.


Thyne eyes, hidden from your reality for so long, were then again opened wide and did allow your light to shine within.
My thoughts doest protest what food arrives from without.
The memory, too strong, overwhelms me to instant return.
Finding myself among the smells and softness and richness of our secret, common, communion of Moonlight, I recalled the times I owned thee. I recalled the times I fell into your arms, with her under my head.
Can I have but a taste of your permissions once more? Might I relive the breath we shared together without fear or tears?
I feel even whine nor cigarette will do when we’re through, for the recollection alone, for but a moment, yet, pleasant in time, sound, will not be left to the ashes of lost and forgotten experience, but live forever in my current and most reliable now.
All misspellings, punk-tuition, McTiming and content, all derived from a momentary lapse of passion for passion, that holds no responsibility for offense, intent, uproarious laughter, demise, or care for no more, because surrealism is for my birds.

   I’m hoping somehow I can find a private room for under $600 dollars a Month. It has not been going very well. I must have the things in my current space out by the end of the Month and I just don’t know if it’s possible. Much of the larger things like Tables, Bikes, Ironing Boards, Couches, even a Vacuum cleaner and more, are not mine. I am unable to financially or physically move most of these objects to a new Home that I do not have. Those things I am able to access at the moment are some Food, some Clothes, and some Coffee thank the Lord.

   Time and chance are a hard Friend. Many, like me, know they do not deserve their current fate and feel that time is not on their side. There are men in the Laundry talking of Revolt, bur they too know that gathering those with no honorable place to recharge their Life-Batteries through Sleep combined with lack of Food is a combination for disaster.

  Current Science is unavailable to those on the ‘Street’, including but not limited to those with too little or no: Money, Home, Food, Clothes, Time, Transportation, Medication, Internet, Phones and so many other things necessary to live a Normal’ productive and Healthy life, but, as the Government (through it’s own research), Scientists and most Humans on Earth can attest; without enough proper Physical and Mental recharge time (Sleep) one is unable to properly think, which means they are hindered or even denied the right to properly navigate their own Lives. If one has not had the mandatory rest demanded by Life itself, as one is first slowly, over time, driven to the point of hallucination and ultimately even Death, Sleep is needed by all and all should be afforded this right. 

   After doing a budget, I have found that I would need to be able to find an Apartment or Studio for less than six hundred dollars a Month and as I must have everything out by the 31st of this Month, yet, I do not get paid until the 3rd of next Month, it is we who get to experience Life impeding catch-22’s and are just considered an Externality along the way to a brighter future and Liberty and Justice for some.

   A neighbor has invited me to Christmas Dinner with his Family and I will respectfully have to decline. I was already went to Thanksgiving Dinner there and am feeling like I will most likely let him spend  the Holidays with his Family and not bring my stinking Feet into their Holiday Home. 



I read this story: 


I read the Comments, but could not bring myself to sign my life away just to say this:


It’s called the Law. And, I suspect you expect it forced in every other way!
I too am Disabled, but that does not mean I expect special treatment. If you want to help do something about this (a problem that probably exists for Public Health reasons in the first place because you all raged about the Dogs in the Park already… i.e. Dog-Poop), so you can start by not attacking a guard for doing his Job, and look into doing what it takes to give this lame Park the ‘Exemptions’ it needs to ‘legally’ allow ‘All’ Disabled People to bring their Dogs there. 

Lawrence Lessig: The withering of the Net.

   A learned lesson to me on why Internet Seppuku is likely to be the closest thing to freeing ourselves from an apparent ‘Man-Made’ Web; Well, minus the whole NSA – Big Brother – 1984 thing.

The MACchine ≠ Freedom

The MACchine only ingests.

The MACchine is without Fear.

You cannot touch the MACchine.

The MACchine cannot weep.

The MACchine is a Battlefield.

The MACchine saves all it sees.

The MACchine saves all it hears.

The MACchine saves all input.

The MACchine will never know the ‘real’ you.

You can never learn who you are, in the MACchine

If: You submit Then: You are not Free.

If: The MACchine can See you, you are not Free.

If you are a Slave to the MACchine, and do not Long to be Free, You shall remain Bound.

The MACchine Binds you.

The MACchine cannot offer you the World.

The World is not dependent upon the MACchine.

The ‘real’ World is outside of the MACchine.

The MACchine inhibits discovery of the ‘real’ World.

The MACchine inhibits discovery of yourself.

The MACchine is not necessary to discover the World.

The outside World is becoming infected by the MACchine.

No Human is truly reliant upon the MACchine.

If you Purchases are know by the MACchine, You are not Free.

To use the MACchine, is to be trapped by the MACchine.

MACchine Law will be/is greater than Human Law.

The MACchine shows me the whole World, the World that I am unable change.

My World, is not represented in the MACchine.

To know what the MACchine can do, yet persist in the face of it, is it’s power over you.

To know what the MACchine is capable of, yet persist in the face of it, is your Powerlessness to the MACchine.

You can free yourself from the MACchine.

We need no more Sacrifices, to the MACchine.

We desire, no more Martyrs to the MACchine.

They will never willingly give up the MACchine.

Let us create a new and useful tool, other than the MACchine.

You can willingly give up the MACchine.

Fighting the MACchine, perpetuates the MACchine.

Fighting the MACchine, empowers the MACchine.

Fighting the MACchine, trains the MACchine.

Training the MACchine, is aiding in your Enslavement.

I once Happily lived without the MACchine.

You too can live happily outside of the MACchine.

You cannot Smell the MACchine, Yet.

If the MACchine can be made to Smell you, You are not Free.

The MACchine does not care about you.

The MACchine does not Dream.

Free will is the price of admission to the MACchine.

The World offers more than the MACchine.

You cannot taste the MACchine, yet.

Your attention is being drawn away from the World.

Those who own the MACchine are owned by  the MACchine.

The MACchine can be Destroyed by Human Will alone.

One can never be truly free if one is subjugated by/to the MACchine.

There can never be Freedom in the MACchine.

The MACchine steals your Library.

If your Library remains inside the MACchine, you are not Free.

The MACchine refuses to be unified.

The MACchine creates more division.

The “Internet of Things” = The “MACchine in Things”.

Without Electricity all, Culture, Memory, and thought declared within the MAChine, shall Die.

Those that own the MACchine, shall ALWAYS have access to the MACchine.

One cannot have transparency of the MACchine.

Anonymity ≠ Transparency.

You are wholly transparent to the MACchine.

The MACchine cannot Forgive.

The MACchine cannot Forget.

The MACchine does not Breathe.

You cannot see the MACchine.

You cannot point at the MACchine. 

One cannot kiss the MACchine.

One can Love the MACchine.

The MACchine Cannot Love You back.

The MACchine can live Forever, without You.

Every inch of the World will soon be mapped, incorrectly, into the MACchine.

The MACchine has more rights than you.

The MACchine cannot be killed.

You can only free yourself, from the MACchine.

If the MACchine can See you, You are not Free.

The MACchine is your Oppressor.

The MACchine is the most powerful Dictator the World has ever known.

To demand a Dictator, is to forfeit Freedom.

Fighting for Freedom from within the MACchine, is to fight for Freedom from inside of a Prison.

There is no more, undecipherable encryption, in the MACchine.

Quantum Computers, will or can, decipher all  input into the MACchine.

If you are physically alone, and yet, not unquestionably alone, you are not Free.

There is no Honor in the MACchine.

There is Honor in Leaving the MACchine.

There is no Honor in fighting the MACchine

There is Honor in fighting to be free of the MACchine.

The MACchine contains no sustenance. 

Your input, is the MACchine’s sustenance.

You cannot Hunt, the MACchine.

The MACchine, Hunts you.

These words, shall forever remain, within the MACchine.

Free thought resides outside of the MACchine.

To Unplug, is to be made Free of the MACchine.

You have been taught to accept the MACchine.

You have been taught not to Hate the MACchine.

You have been made Subject to the MACchine.

If you Work for the MACchine, you Enslave others.

The MACchine shall soon be Mandatory.

When the MACchine becomes mandatory, You will be even less Free.

The MACchine can hear you, Now.

The MACchine can see you, Now.

The MACchine remembers all your forgotten input, remember?

You cannot know the MACchine.

You will never come to the end of the inside of the MACchine.

There is no Truth left in the MACchine.

There is no Freedom in the MACchine

The MACchine is a Machine.

The Internet, is the MACchine.

The next time you feel reliant upon the MACchine, You are reliant upon the MACchine.

The MACchine is a psychopath.

The MACchine is an Overseer. 

The MACchine is profiling you, incorrectly.

The MACchine is profiling the World, incorrectly.

The MACchine will attempt to sell the World to you.

The World is already yours.

The MACchine can only be as real as you make it.

The World is more real than you’ll ever know.

Will the MACchine create: Retroactive Punishment?

How many times have you Sinned in the MACchine?

Will future Laws, Bribe your future actions?

If it happens in the MACchine, we doubt it’s authenticity.

If it did not happen in the MACchine we doubt it’s authenticity.

It is time to let go… 


































































Somewhat There.

Falling in and out of now, I seek others.


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