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If a ‘patriot’ is able to brake his legs during training, yet turn back against his home country so thoroughly, perhaps he’s also capable of being willing to accept the hatred of those he loves the most, in order to defend them against those who see it as their enemy?

Could it be even remotely possible, that in the wake of 9/11 (of course considered by the left to be an ‘inside job’) and after Bush’s overt warning to the nation and the world, that:”You are either with us, or you are with the enemy. There’s no in-between”, combined with the fact that the technological surveillance of the future that some of us  have known was coming all along, has now arrived (as well as the eternally, co-evolving tech within the private and defense industries that absolutely none of us are privy to beyond what the powers that be allow us to see in the press), a future where privacy can no longer mutually techno-physically exist (Mobile, VR,  AR,  AI IOT,  NSA,  Hackers themselves, “smart and armed” Robots, Drones, Genetics etc) keeping in mind that scientific discoveries bring closer to hand what some would rightly call ‘godlike powers for those who wield them’, (Satellites, the Internet, virtual, holographic, and augmented realities, quantum-cryptography, quantum-teleportation, seeing around corners, through walls, capturing keystrokes, ‘Pet-Man’, ‘Big-Dog’ and their tiny jumping, swimming, flying, listening and watching acquaintances, Life extension etc etc), all as the internet’s Interconnectedness and world’s population continue to combine to exponentially shrink the planet at a rate likely much faster than global leaders and policymakers predicted 20 or more years ago… -could Snowden actually  be a United States agent, used as part of a plan to divide those who accept the inevitable future we now live in, with those who do not, by revealing long outdated material as noted by the technologically old age of 5 years (technologists insisted at first that it was all a fake because the graphics and fonts were outdated, which they ‘technologically’ were) and accepting the sacrifice of being hated by his home country for the rest of his life, in order to succeed? While using Pied Pipers chosen within the liberal media’s ‘grassroots’ specifically for the job, because they were already so devoutly committed to being intentionally critical of the U.S., like Democracy Now, Glenn Greenwald and a filmmaker named Laura Poitras who brags about how many times sh’e been stopped by customs for making Films critical of the U.S. and it’s role in the world. All three combined into the very show I was watching at the time I heard about Snowden. If there were a real disaster (hot-virus, hot-war etc), those in control of the Nation and globe would know through gait, genetics, penmanship etc, exactly who will and won’t get help, who will and won’t be first in line and who will and won’t be left to die.

Is it even plausible that Snowden was sent to lead the left off a virtual cliff?

If not, why not?

Do you honestly think your government wouldn’t  seek to expose everyone who hopes to hide from them, by giving them not only a privacy ‘Idol’, but one who persists in exclaiming that it’s still possible to hide, when an honest look at the daily evidence proves otherwise?

The internet is just one, huge ‘Backdoor’. It’s broken and you can’t fix it. Hiding only draws them to you. Especially if you don’t have a legal / legitimate reason. You realize that, right?

If a ‘patriot’ is able to brake his legs in training and turn back against his home country so thoroughly , perhaps he’s also capable of being willing to accept the hatred of those he loves the most, in order to defend them?

Even when I heard about Snowden as a liberal (at the time), I had to assume I was getting: ‘Snowed’. Having recently left the left, I just wanted to reveal the second theory that came to me when I first heard about him and what he’d supposedly done. Time will tell, even if the truth is never known.

Just a fun concept I’m sure has been debated. But, Is it a common one?



This is a letter to someone I’m talking with. Who gave his name publically, but which I’ve changed here for my own reasons until they say otherwise.


I’m very glad you wrote back with such a detailed and knowledgeable sounding response. I’m very grateful you read through my piece and spent time taking part in this vital dialogue. Remember, it’s ‘wordy’ because I’m old. :)
Cheers to ya!

So, I’m going to respond to some of your quotes, attempting, not to take them out of context, but directly address the idea(s) behind the quote, if this is an acceptable way for me to respond.
Here we go:

Perhaps you mean removing anonymity from the internet by linking the identification you use to get internet access to all activity you do on the internet as well (facebook, twitter, posting on blogs etc)“?

A: -No. I want those who need it, to have it. And I want those who have it, to be held responsible for it somehow if they need it, get it and use it for ill (whatever that means to you in your mind, when I say ‘ill’). If it means entering a proper PIN to a central server to even access the internet in the first place (just an extra step for any pure E-virgin’s first time and we get Social Security numbers too), then yes I guess. However, I don’t know the techno-lingo I need to say precisely either way, but somewhere it comes down to the defining razor’s edge, like most issues do. We also need to remember that there is no ‘real’ anonymity anyway when the Gov’t has constant physical and virtual access to the very E-cables they likely helped to lay out in the first place. The FBI is using the Hacker’s own tools. Like they should to search for and find Ill-willed CyDicks. If the tools are available to everyone online anyway, why shouldn’t the FBI use them right? Crypto-Anarchy(!), right? Maybe not with you, IDK. Of course no one wants a recursive, fractalized Alice & Bob experience… But, I surely don’t need Tor for this, or email etc. And unless you’re in fear, subverting the Gov’t somehow, helping someone in fear, or are a journalist etc, you just don’t need Tor either. like so many crypto-paranoids on the wrong side of the CyWars who support more of the enemy in the name of free-speech and who would poke out like a sore thumb too if only something could be done.

I also think you focus too much on all the shit that goes down on the internet“.

A: -Yeah, that’s right. I do worry about “all the shit that goes down on the internet“. Because I’m on the Internet too. But, I certainly don’t worry about it ‘too much’ either. I don’t think I’m taking the threat ‘too seriously’ by feeling trapped and defenseless out of simple Maths ignorance (that’s a little classist anyway too don’t you think?).

I’m making reasoned observations, from an attempted effort at a reasoned perspective. I’m making a well thought out, however extreme, yet still valid and necessary proposal, that I’ve never heard anyone ever present as a remedy or concept or anything close as ‘preventative-maintenance’ or even as an ‘unreasonable hypothetical’. I think we should consider something before we get worse ‘forced on us‘ after someone horrible does something horrible in your name, that wouldn’t ‘strip away’ access, but which would guarantee responsibility of the nation’s Cyway Drivers, that could help keep us all just a little less worried. Because I’m on the Internet and know that just like in the old west, it’s not the masks I fear. It’s the crypto-phaser pointed at our very Identities and all that it means. Like getting framed for a murder, put into poverty, or having our good names, or images of our naked bodies dragged through a reactionary public, for fun and/or profit. These are apparently two very powerful (human-nature) forces like those you mentioned, behind the PuceHats who corrupt the very word Hacker itself.

You mention online techno-carnage affecting millions. It may feel that way because the media focus on all that goes wrong in the internet and the OPMs, Sonys and Targets are world news when they get hacked.

A: – It ‘feels‘ that way because it is that way. And just because it’s one word (like Sony), doesn’t diminish it’s impact on the numerous innocent victims who recognize it’s importance every day… now. It’s not an irrational fear when the moment by moment risk grows not just higher and higher on a daily basis, but more effectively worse and worse to the economy, society (to US) and the government. Every single day more of the same news of a successful ‘hack’ and against the majority of us who are ‘not in the crypto-know’. Like me.

The entire interconnected world, all these hacks and techno-carnage (I like the term btw) is an infinitesimal part of the internet is subjected to hacks and all sort of nasty stuff.” / “…such a small part of the internet“.

A:- You can’t agree (with me), that there’s: “all these hacks and techno-carnage“, then deflect away, or diminish their paralyzing impact with: “an infinitesimal part of the internet is subjected to hacks“, or infer that: ‘because I’m not a likely target, we shouldn’t worry out loud’. Not only the deep and meaningful impact on literally millions of people’s personal lives like one close to me’s, savings (at least ceo’s do it legally) and identity, …but just because we’re not likely to be attacked, doesn’t mean we should diminish or obfuscate crypto-carnage that actually amounts to terrorism in some cases in time of actual War. People forget this. There are sides here.

Identity fraud, bullying, profiling, terrorists, all these things existed before the internet because they are human nature”.

A: -Yes that’s right. And these things are only amplified in a super face-paced, interconnected world, encouraged and finally utilized by so many more capable people than ever before, right now. It’s even worse now since I finished that last sentence thanks to liquid cooled petabyte processors and Brute Forcing.

Do not ever let anyone convince you limiting education in any shape or form is fine because someone might use it for criminal or terrorist activity.”

A: -I don’t want to “Limit Education”. I want E-ducation of all kinds to flourish. But I do want people to have to take responsibility for what they do. So, if we don’t already, why wouldn’t we make anyone being trained in Ninja-carnage-Skillz-in-schoolz, not just be asked to sign a legally binding piece of paper saying they ‘Take Responsibility’ for their entire ‘future use’ of the internet if not at least while in schoolz, while having access to those kinds of skills and toolz (using them at any time, anywhere). Because if we put Lawyers, Doctors, Drivers, Gun owners, Plumbers, Locksmiths, Restaurateurs, every Business person, Driver, Hunter and so many other people take responsibility for their actions through the knowledge they have, but the tools at their disposal. Why can’t we add ‘Hackers’ to that list of people who claim responsibility outright?

“… anyone who has more knowledge than someone else in any given field could use it to their advantage“.

A: -That’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. Can’t they be made to sign a public contract to use crypto privately, responsibly? Because (maybe?) if we all use an (anon?) ID or PIN somehow to access Tor or whatever (a PIN that was distributed by a central server that is just for those willing to acknowledge themselves). The ones who are using crypto for ill, they should stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of us and the lawyers, scholars etc who’ve already signed something.
I don’t have the knowledge to describe the physics, or technical details, but it comes down to intent. If you NEED access to crypto, you can have it, if you’re willing to be acknowledged. Because only people with ill intent, or Scholars, Students etc need tha. Why do you need anonymity if you have a valid reason to use it, but aren’t willing to take responsibility for it? Are you escaping justice, or trying to serve it? All the Tor users must be running from oppression and seeking asylum or needing protection from an abuser or are in need of special protective service… right? :)

This is a new and exponentially growing problem that can’t be belittled anymore.”Security experts are clear that potential aggressors are now amassing detailed information with which they could launch a cyber-terrorism attack“, from an article in the WSJ just 5 years ago.
I’ll also bet that most Tor users aren’t journalists or Lawyers or Cops or Nurses or even Bloggers. We know who and what they are. They’re seeing how far they can go. How far they can push it… within the wrong science, for the wrong reasons. They’re buying drugs (that just needs a safe, central identifiable, freely accessible entry-point though and that won’t happen legally anytime soon) and there are actual 20 person child-porn cells that we don’t need.
I’d bet they’re just exploiting the Deep-Web for thieving-destructive-fun and/or a thieving-Profit.

I know your arguments and they aren’t good enough any more . And now we can only distinguish ‘Hacktivism’ from ‘Terrorism’ only if the attack isn’t malicious or physically damaging. If ‘Hacktivism’ is an assault on freedoms (just like Anonymous hacking Trump’s website etc in the name of ‘freedom-of-speech’, it makes them hypocrites and criminals and I love it. How can they justify destroying someone’s avenue of speech, when they are the reason we have the 1st Amendment. We have laws ‘protecting’ the speech we hate the worst, because what if you are the one everyone wants to shut up? I can’t shut down Anonymous for shutting someone down though either. I wouldn’t do it either. We should be able to identify those who have access to the tools that make them able to do this. Somehow. I leave that up to the ‘technologist’ to conceive of. That’s their problem.

Finally, if we don’t find a technical concept for rooting out the bad-guys for technicians to debate, we’ll get something worse that we never banked-on imposed on us that you will despise even worse than my ideas.

I really have to finally go now and get on with today after putting my first foot forward with you this morning (after being awoken by my screaming, maniac of a neighbor at 3:30am, who was taken away in cuffs for the fourth time in a month, ugh). I wish I could try to address more right now (and the tech more specifically in general), but again, I am grateful you are willing to reasonably address the concerns of nearly everyone online if they’re smart, because of ‘all the crypto-carnage going on’, that when studied (however small the relative fraction) only growing, with me.. because if it’s going to be mandatory to learn Elliptic Curve Cryptography, you should want to be part of something that could root out the bad guys, while taking responsibility for your own access to. You shouldn’t have to need to subvert your common ID to do something legal and accountable.

Also, please know that I’m trying to push as hard as I can without breaking anything, you see…?

Okay, post note a few days later…

Now if the boundaries I’m pushing are personally unapproachable or physically impossible…

If this isn’t evidence of a broken internet, I don’t know what is…



If the Klan were acting like ISIS does, liberals would have reason to be marching in the street and many of them would be outright blaming Christianity for the cause, if the Klan were to sound like ISIS does. Though the Klan were a deadly terror to Black people and the like in a much more gruesome way than they are today, they could never have dreamed of achieving what ISIS has  in just one year. Now, I’m neither racist, nor a believer, but I’ll speak for your right to voice your opinions either way and pointing these things out in this way, isn’t “defending” the Klan. But no one should be called an Islamophobe, or a racist when not only are we talking about a ‘race-neutral’ religion, but because there is in fact an actual world-wide Inquisition taking place, in the name of Islam. And, if you’re going to say that ‘Islam doesn’t represent ISIS’, then you better hope that your fellow ‘Moderate Muslims’ help work to create a reformation from within, pretty damn soon.

We’ve got to stop comparing US-Gun-Deaths (no matter how high the current rate) with National terror. Because, when we compare the National Gun death-rate (even just within the millions of actual gun owners and including accidental shootings) to National Terror victims, while neglecting the constant stream of international, daily, recurring reminders of an actual, global Inquisition taking place (with a much higher number of intentionally, often slowly tortured and murdered victims), in the name of Islam, with tens of millions of supporters out of that 1.6Billion people (of all races) within just one faith, not only do we sound goofy but,  it’s totally dishonest and neglectful to do so anymore.

#UniteBlue dood.

To the common public and security pros alike, as well as the two people that were kind enough to consider a rational dialogue about cryptography and boundaries and concepts with me for the first time so far this week, I have some changing views that I’m pushing boundaries on and trying to find rational, forward-looking answers to. So thanks for taking the time with me here. It’s vital.

We’re here to talk numbers, code, access, privacy and security and I’m all out of bubbleGum. But I can describe more about where I’m coming from so you can know who’s asking these questions and why. What follows was written coffee fueled and late into the night (for me anyway ‘cuz I’m old…). And, my only setback is that I can’t specifically talk specs. Numbers and code are totally foreign to me anymore (if I ever even could get past long division). But that shouldn’t keep us from talking about concepts though right?

I’m not coming at this out of complete ignorance, but some. And I’m completely willing to learn more and admit when I’m wrong. Are you? We’ll see.

“*sigh* …where to begin?”
Is how one answer to my last Encryption post began. Right before I got an unnecessary lesson in modern cryptographic concepts.
“Privacy licenses!? What’s next Orwell? Money = speech!? Trading your freedoms for promises of security is the surest way to lose both.”, from another.
Sigh, is right.
So, I feel I must clear the air about who I am and what I do and don’t know. At least little bit. Because not only am I aware of these reasonings and memes, but this is very important for the world right now and me personally, at this very moment in time. And, I’m grateful for your patient cooperation in this necessary conversation. I’m trying to get some answers to and simply even address some as of yet, unasked questions and concepts concerning crypto. Questions I’ve never read about or seen asked anywhere else yet. Even if from from my odd, yet relatively *uncommon perspective.
It is my fault for not being more ‘transparent’ in my previous post(s) about what I know and what I don’t, as well as some of my life experience which may help you to understand that although I’m not a crypto-pro, I’m far from a crypto-rookie as well. Hopefully, if you’re willing, we can move forward on discussing some boundaries, right after you learn about where I’m coming from.
I sure didn’t mean to appear to come out of a vacuum, completely ignorant on the issues surrounding cryptography. Or, sound like your friend’s Republican Dad who wants 1984 style oppression without knowing what he’s even talking about, concerning privacy and security. Though recently, I have had a rather dramatic and somewhat related paradigm shift in my thinking concerning a lot of colliding aspects and issues, please bear with me here as I try my best at attempting to address cryptography for the first time since that occurred.
Despite my proposal seeming to be a simple and clear-cut case of “No”, for so many of you in the tech world (and conspiracy world), I don’t have to remind you how common this struggle is for so many of us around you, with neither the time, nor the common expectations of even having to know about cryptography. I must admit, It has been a rather looming, philosophical, moral and lengthy hurdle for me, for some time and I am not coming at this out of simple reactionary reasoning. I, we need to be able to push boundaries with ideas between the general public and the tech world somehow and I hope this proposal helps to do that a little.
I also feel that after very little internal debate, the more we disagree, the more we need to talk, or at least listen to each other. We must examine areas as close as we can get to the fine line between too much and too little ‘surveillance’ before worse is pushed on us.

I don’t have to tell any geeks that ‘you can’t fight technology’, or the heights we’re willing to go with it as Human Beings.
I’m functional in ‘some’ ways and not in others, just like most of you. However now, both physically and educationally to some rather extreme degrees. On top of coming out of both the 80’s LA punk scene and then back home to the NW for the 90’s (I won’t say it’s name) scene. I was a ‘Seattle 90’s sensitive guy‘. I’ve also been a professional photo assistant (lots of fast maths), a Chef (there too), a sponsored Skater ‘Brand-X’, a Surfer, I’ve worked on custom-classic-cars (tons of maths there as well) and much more. But most of all I’m a passionate learner of just about any subject under the Sun, (other than numbers anyway… despite my fascination with them and watching nearly every ‘Numberphile’ and similar kind of show I can find… I’ve even watched the entire Rodin Math series… ooh Rodin-Coils… :/ )
I once got in trouble for being a percussion prodigy at the age of 12. Halfway through my very first paid lesson ever (from simple striking gestures to what I didn’t know at the time were called ‘flamadiddles’), the teacher brought me down and said to my single, overworked Mother: ‘there’s nothing I can teach him here’. Exited by it’s meaning, I began looking around the store and overheard them say something about New-York. That’s when Momma-bear pulled me out of the store by the wrist, faster than quantum tunneling, before he ever got to the point of ‘scholarships’. And since then (and prior for that matter), I’ve been a Mathematical failure until this moment.
Yet, I have read hundreds of articles and some dozens of books and listened to tons of podcasts and actually seen hundreds of online conferences, seminars, talks and ‘hangouts’ over the last 10 years, about concepts ranging from Liberty, Justice, Math, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry and Cryptography. I’ve listened to Professors and Students alike talk for years about concepts, issues, devices and capabilities for crypto, like Elliptic Curve Cryptography ECC, access like Blackphone, big data-speeches and slideshows (and ‘Ted’s ugh), even ‘sit-ins’ (like with Appelbaum & Binney) with everyone on the floor, staring up with eyes as wide as my eyes were -at the time, after learning Big-Brother had been a reality (via Snowden). When in actual reality it’s been since before most of you reading this were born (AT&T / telegrams etc) and older.
I’ve read and learned about crypto, privacy and security by following, watching and listening to folks like Matthew Green, Mikko Hypponen, Christopher Soghoian, Jacob Appelbaum, Julian Assange, Roger Dingledine, Lawrence Lessig, Bruce Schneier, Richard Stallman, Moxie Marlinspike, Glenn Greenwald (I was reading him for years before Snowden made a name for himself by personally deciding to mold the nature of our country’s discourse and protection practices because he found the means of protecting society offensive, and I’ve read Glenn in the years since….but until just recently, not realistically any more) and Seth Lloyd (Seth’s pushing the real, relative boundaries, in quantum computing). I know about the distances their pushing in quantum teleportation. I know the layered, historical and personal reasoning behind Alan Turing’s choice to eat the poisoned Apple. And, I am rather close to thinking that Max Tegmark might just be right about ‘Our Mathematical Universe
As you rightly know, the name list is much longer and of course I’m aware that beyond Vera Rubin (superstar!), Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, and other ‘famous’ Women’s names in technology. I failed to mention them because they aren’t as common. There’s always folks like Birgitta Jonsdottir and Snowden’s attorney Jesselyn Radack and I forget the Woman who helped him escape justice. I really just don’t know many other Women, crypto-warriors by name beyond the wonderful folks behind Adafruit, who I’m sure hope to shit their (seemingly innocent) products don’t keep coming back to haunt them in the future.
What’s upsetting, is not that I’ll be mocked as some old ‘whiner’ in the comment section or something (that’ll be expected), but that someone with ill intent could get a jump start with a post like this. Couldn’t they? It sucks and I don’t want my writing to come back to haunt me either for trying to get somewhere instead of waiting for a disaster to have something worse, forced on us before we’re even willing to approach new concepts like Tiered–Responsible-Access. I know I need to push at this, not only for myself, but for others who might not know a single person mentioned yet. It is they who are the most common victims and the least informed about concepts and people like this, who shouldn’t be expected to know them anyways.
I’m a complete failure at Maths (I literally got an F-minus one year in high school). I got my GED at 18 and that’s it. Except for some failed attempts at a night, Math course and some community (training) college., I’m now 44, live in poverty and am disabled (bad genes as the discs between my vertebrae are ‘turning to graham-cracker’). I’ve been a Mathematical failure all my life, until this very moment.
I know a little about a lot. Instead of a lot about a little. For example, since I’ve been disabled and have the time to learn, I’ve actually watched this entire video series of Alan Guth’s lectures on ‘The Early Universe‘ at MIT, just for fun, twice. I can grasp the concepts (plank time, frame-dragging, entanglement and quantum tunneling), just not the numbers. I was also writing graphics code in BASIC back in the 80’s with a modem the size of a shoebox. It was a lot of fun. But, I’ve neither been to college, nor acquired a degree of any kind so far. Just lots of surface experience.
So now that the caveats are all out of the way, I know all the arguments you want to make for free and open access and I understand a lot more about these concepts than the average person does. I just don’t know as much as you probably do, or as I ‘should’. I’m trying to be a go-between. Between those like my Mom who want and need security, and that 14 year-old kid who should be outside Skating or Surfing once in awhile (if able), but instead is inside all day using every-day, accessible and free software in an attempt to ruin a couple thousand (or millions of) people’s lives or more, all at once, just for fun.

These bored, sadistic dregs shouldn’t be so easily able to do that. And empowering the majority of child-porongraphers, terrorists and snoops in the name of free-speech has to come to an end somehow. Because I, you, we can’t have it anymore! I’ve seen what happens to a loved one when they have their identity stolen. I risk having mine stolen (or worse), just for presenting my new views in writing this (perhaps by sadistic people like yourself!). It’s almost as dangerous as if I were to draw the wrong cartoon or something.
To be clear, when I say “tiers”, I don’t mean tiers of strength. I want all crypto strong. What I failed to clarify are ‘Tiers Of Access’. I don’t know how it could, or even if it can be policed. But were completely sick and tired of having bored, 14 year old fuck-chops, having access to algorithms, protocols or even Maths online, or in public schools etc. without having to have an ID related to their work, at least sign a responsibility contract. Just like you and I do when we sign a lease for an apartment, or when we reveal all our everything for the DMV/MVD, or just to get one of those stupid, thieving, little ‘savings cards’, where you have to reveal all your private information just to get the price back down to where it should be in the first place so they can surveil all your purchases.
I now feel that anyone that wants access to information and procedures that can help them learn and grow, but can also destroy the lives of millions with a keystroke and entire lists of names of people trying to do little more than save their hard earned money in a fucking Bank should have a traceable route back to them if they do attack us somehow..

Perhaps they should (perhaps we all should) have to have a tracing number applied to their (our) access to the entire web if that’s what it takes. Heavy, I know. But why in the world would the concept of something like a ‘licence’ or contract to access the web at all, sound like such a crazy idea in the face of all we must accept within other aspects of our daily lives?

The only kinds of people (again, in a public setting like schools or cafe’s), who need access to these kind of Maths, are Scholars, Students, Business people, Lawyers, Doctors and Pilots etc (and if we want it we should have to sign in too). I understand how accessible Maths and programs are just available online to anyone, just like a DIY chem set is (don’t belittle these… CISPR etc) and the entire industry of Microcontrollers like at Adafruit etc sold as harmless teaching toys, when ‘some’ of them are, but, as I’m sure you know by watching all the thousands of videos by all the Hacker Cons out there, that if you just get $300-$400 worth of these things that can “tell you the surfing conditions on your phone”, because you placed a device at the Beach that can give you all the pertinent weather conditions, you can also*remotely* take down an entire fucking neighborhood… electricity and all, with your phone, from thousands of miles away. I’m sure you’ve done the research too.
These aren’t actually ‘toys’ and I bet the government thinks the same thing, whether you care about what they think or not. They want access to all your IOT devices and they’ll get it one way or another too. Just like USB chargers that can be hacked and used to spy on you. I feel like I have to keep explaining this to some people though: Your Ninja ain’t shit. Why? Because they own the wires and the whole fucking system, that’s why.
Your Tor node is not Anonymity either. They own all the global cables! And, for the better I think. Because I doubt the concept of Tiers will even be approachable in the near future. It’ll be something worse. Mandated by a government you likely don’t want doing so. So consider licensing access for Lawyers, Professors, Scholars, Doctors and students who are willing to sign on the dotted line. Or what we’ll wind up getting forced on us could likely be something much worse.
The internet and technology in general is reaching a point of no return. We either govern it (and preserve it’s power), or hand it over to enemies of progress like bored, young hackers and terrorists who want you and me dead. Or at least access to our money and computers. Anonymous itself shuts down website after website in the name of free speech (like the Scientology sites I despise as well, yet have just as much right to exist as Black Lives Matter and the Klan do). If this isn’t self evidence of hypocrisy, I don’t know what is. Yes, it’s more intricate than that, I know… but not by much. They wouldn’t have to shut all those down to begin with (for justice & fun) if we had a system of Tiered, responsibility claiming access to the internet by everyone to begin with. Where those who *must* have access, may have access, to certain powerful algorithms / programs like Tor, if necessary.
I’m sure I sound like the enemy. I just don’t care anymore. I care about people and their right to live a normal life over your ‘right’ to access the most powerful, deadly programs and Maths available on the Planet, freely online that a child can likely find and use. It’s insane that my concept of Tiered access receives so much rejection in the face of so much carnage and abuse. You wouldn’t give Car keys to a teenager without a license (and training first), so why do we allow access to the deadliest algorithms available without one (or more specifically do we)? But that’s just an uneducated question from my uneducated opinion I guess, isn’t it?

Well, we must find an answer to the online, techno-carnage that’s been happening over the years and how it’s only getting worse, more malicious and more damaging. Not just within my own family, but along with Tens of millions of others. We’re totally sick of it. Many of us have no access to pros or they’re opinions and can’t be expected to have to learn crypto just to do online banking or research. But we can’t keep reading about your Ninja skillz in the news either. What’s the answer? Are Licences or even ID’s or just a contract to ‘Practice Programming’ completely off the table in schools and other public settings? If so, why?
And please, don’t give me the creeping-government BS standard line, or quotes from George Orwell, because we passed that milestone long ago when we accepted having tracking devices with cameras and mics in our pockets all the time. Something on the left must give to reason before someone inflicts something on us beyond our current imagination. Perhaps after a successful dirty-bomb attack or DIY chem-set disaster (that you can belittle until it actually, eventually occurs) and they shut it all down. Or, you can start thinking now about how far you are willing to go to defend your free right to access the world’s most potentially dangerous information.
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P.S.  If I’m completely wrong for conceiving of something like this, fine. Got any better ideas?

If doctors have to get a license to ‘work with’ knives and Lawyers have to get a license to ‘work with’ words, and Pilots have to get a License to ‘work in’ the Sky and we already have to get Licences for Guns and to drive, why shouldn’t we have to get a license to play with ‘dangerous’ Maths? The common complaint is that there is a ‘War on Math/s’. Not when people of all kinds, from all over the globe, are using Math to make wars on children through online abuse (here’s where too many will say this is just a ‘common meme’, when it’s a true one, that even Anonymous understands), and wars on people with illegal drugs (insert same hollow mantra here), and by having access to illegal Guns.

The simple truth is, I do not need access to the kinds of encryption that can access these things, nor do I want them. However, Lawyers and Law-Enforcement need access to these kinds of protocols, algorithms and maths to help people escape abuse and halt illegal guns and drugs. And if you need access to these kinds of things for work, school or Scholarly articles, you should have to get a License.

I don’t think having to acknowledge that your computer is using these kinds of programs is too much to ask, if you have the right reasons. Jacob Appelbaum and others have been influential on me pertaining to many concepts I now understand. But I don’t think empowering  a vast majority of ill-intentioned people, in the name of freedom of Speech is helpful though.

Don’t get me too wrong. I’m all for your freedom to access and use whatever chemical you choose to put in your own body, I just think if you’re going to use the internet to do it, you should have a number associated with your account ,traceable to you so if you hurt someone else while high,  we can find you and you can go to prison. Or if you abuse your Math skills beyond Scholarly research to access child-porn at work, home or in your car, you can go in a cell further to the back.

If the concept of ‘Tiers’ of encryption doesn’t make sense, I don’t know what does. Because we have a huge threat, a huge global threat that involves ISIS, hacker-thieves, and people capable of things I’m not. If they want to have access to that Tier of society, just like a Doctor, Lawyer or Pilot, you’ll just have to either get a License too, or an I.D.

To the pros that may read this. I don’t know as much as I’d like to and am willing to learn (I’ve only been paying a lot of attention for the last few years). So if this idea isn’t new or is already in use in some casses, I’m unaware as of yet. To the rest of you, thanks for making it this far with me.



I wrote this paragraph to post at a CBS post where the wheels just kept on spinning:

“When there appears to be a clear-cut, modern-day, global Inquisition taking place (this from 2015 alone): https://tinyurl.com/p3vkbjc  in the name of Allah: https://tinyurl.com/otnhslb  that has at least, tens of millions of supporters from around the world: https://tinyurl.com/nesbd5e  …it is neither racist, nor irrational to name it: ‘Political Islamic Jihad’, and acknowledge it, the same way we would if it were the Klan, or the Vatican burning ‘infedels’ alive or making them kneel on Dynamite (it’s horrible), throwing Homosexuals from balconies or shooting up a workforce. I wouldn’t have made this argument a Month ago, but I took the necessary time and broke through a 30 year wall. We must learn to intertwine new information into our lives, not push it down for someone else or out of fear. Islam speaks for itself: Read -Quran 8:12, -Quran 3:151 and keep going. I care about people or I wouldn’t think it necessary to say there are no easy choices. we’ll see.”

Edit: I’m also not a Christian btw, but let’s not bring up their Inquisition. Because they had their reformation a long time ago. Islam needs one now. And it’s up to Muslims themselves to help make this happen.


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